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Wondering Whether Your Baby Actually Has a sleep 'problem', or whether it Could be something else?

Discover whether your baby exhibits any 'red flags' that may indicate an underlying problem.

I'm so glad you found me! Get ready for some massive support in trusting your mama instincts that aligns with your parenting value.

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1. Uncover The Root Cause

The Sleep Red Flags E-Book is designed to help you delve into the heart of the matter. Is your baby's disrupted sleep a mere phase, or is there an underlying issue causing these frequent night wakings? I guide you to identify potential sleep disruptors and distinguish between normal night wakings and signs of a more significant concern.

2. Understand Red Flags & Their Meaning

This Sleep Red Flags E-Book provides you with checklists to identify symptoms that may be red flags. It's about more than just identifying problems; it's about decoding your baby's unique language, ensuring you can address their needs effectively.

3. Feel Empowered in Your Parenting Choices

I understand that every parent has their unique parenting values. The Sleep Red Flags E-Book empowers you to make informed decisions in line with your parenting philosophy. I believe in addressing potential health issues affecting your baby's sleep while respecting your parenting choices.

Your baby wakes up at night..... a lot! Perhaps they're waking every 2-3 hours, or maybe even every 30 minutes. You are exhausted, and not sure what else to do! Perhaps you are even considering sleep training ... gasp! (because, is there really any other option.... news flash - yes there is!)...

Have you ever wondered how much is too much for night wakings?

What if your baby's frequent wakings were due to something more serious, perhaps even due to a sleep disorder?

Thankfully, there are certain baby sleep red flags that will help alert you to any possible problems.

If you...

  • Have a baby (0-2 years) who seems to be waking up a lot

  • Want to understand if there is something more serious underlying their night wakings.

  • Want to rule out certain things (ie. like tongue ties)

  • Are a health, childcare or sleep professional who would like to learn more about red flags to look for

You've come to the right place...

The Sleep Red Flags E-book will help you figure out whether your baby has some underlying things that are affecting their sleep, so that you can get those resolved BEFORE doing any kind of sleep work.....

the goods

Here's what you'll learn:

  • What red flags to look out for in your baby

  • Comprehensive symptoms checklists for these red flags

  • Which professionals to go to for which red flags in order to get the support you need

  • Covers topics like tongue-ties, sleep disorders, food allergies/intolerances, reflux, body tightness, temperament, sensory processing, and so much more.

Identifying and resolving any underlying health issues is the first step in supporting your baby to sleep better, while maintaining a strong attachment and staying true to your parenting values.

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